Tackling "Embedded Finance" with Sebastian Fallert & Alex Mifsud

Released on 2021-11-16

Guests: Alex Mifsud, Sebastian Fallert

The future of fraud from the next generation

Released on 2021-08-30

Guests: Bence Jendruszak, Jimmy Fong

The future of regulation and adoption of cryptocurrency

Released on 2021-07-21

Guests: Julian Sawyer, Asen Kostadinov, Erica Stanford, Rene van Pelt

7. Payments 2021 - Vision for the year ahead

Airs on 2020-12-14

Guests: Nick Middleton, Koen Vanpraet, Justin Pike

6. Consumer credit and lending in FinTech

Airs on 2020-10-27

Guests: Greg Cox, Hannah Lana Preston, Mark Walker

5. Becoming a Fintech – what does it take to challenge the status quo in financial services?

Released on 2020-09-01

Guests: Hamish Blythe, Pawel Oltuszyk, Joeri van Loenhout

4. The future of business banking in Europe

Released on 2020-07-27

Guests: Daniel Rowlands, Ryan Jackson, Lukas Zörner

3. The CTO’s Dilemna; how to future proof payments infrastructure.

Released on 2020-07-06

Guests: Hussein Badakhchani, Steve Cook, Nick Fryer

2. Are banks doing enough to help SMEs through times of uncertainty?

Released on 2020-05-14

Guests: Craig Fox, Mark Hewlett, Michael Mueller

1. How can Fintechs help SMEs through times of uncertainty?

Released on 2020-05-11

Guests: Fabrizio Zanollo, Karen Rudich, Andrew Garvey, Ray Brash

Kimberley Waldron

Podcast Host

An award-winning marketer and entrepreneur, with 10 years + experience in the technology, retail, mobile and banking sectors. Kimberley’s career began in Manchester in independent music promotion, radio and online journalism.

In 2009, Kimberley Co-Founded international communications agency SkyParlour at 26 years of age. Ten years on, from its base in central Manchester, the business has amassed Fintech clients around the world from Palo Alto, to Munich, to Jakarta and back again to Cheadle.

Kimberley is co-chair of the Pro Manchester Fintech committee and industry advisor to the University of Salford Fintech MSc programme. She is also an active member of the Founders for Schools initiative and a mentor on the Tech Manchester mentoring programme.